It is a popular casino game for Aussie players as it provides players with a chance to win big. Players can play in traditional casinos or participate in blackjack online through several online casinos available in the country. However, many people participating in these games do not have an idea of how to play blackjack. It is why they end up having trouble when it comes to gambling online in Australia.
However, that does not mean you shouldn’t play or cannot win through these games. We are here to guide you on how to play blackjack online so that you can access these online blackjack games and start winning big.

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A Comprehensive Guide to Online Blackjack

Keep in mind that the blackjack game has its own rules and players need to understand them before they can proceed to win these games. But, first, let us take a look at the basics.

What Is Blackjack?

Blackjack is a popular online casino game in which both the game and the winning hand have the name blackjack. Any player (the dealer or you) needs to obtain the ace and ten-value card to win. A player who gets these cards wins the game automatically. Sounds simple, right? Well, there is more to it. Let us have a clearer look at the rules of the game.

Blackjack Rules

Anyone who wishes to win at blackjack should know that there are several rules when it comes to playing blackjack online for real money. We are going to guide you about all the necessary rules of playing blackjack online.

Playing with only bets starts with as low as 50 cents and can go up to hundreds of dollars per hand, depending on what you are looking for. You need to choose the wager amount before the hand, but you can always try the game for free in the beginning and play for real money when you have enough blackjack practice.

Here is a simple guide on how to play blackjack for your understanding. Know that these steps cover the basic rules only.

  • The players place their bets as per their budgets;
  • Both players get 2 cards from the dealer, while one card faces the players;
  • Players need to decide whether to hit, split, double down, or choose any other move according to the total of the two cards picked;
  • Players can choose to stand once they know they have “enough” cards to win;
  • The dealer starts revealing the other cards and whichever player reaches closest to 21 without reaching bust, wins.

The game sounds simple enough, right? Well, there are a few things to know. We are going to mention some pros and cons of these online games for you in the future. Have a look

Pros of Online Blackjack

  • Blackjack online does not require players to wait for their opponents to finish their game, because it uses computer-generated numbers. This makes playing online blackjack better in general. Players can even get up to 200 hundred hands per hour in online blackjack games;
  • Like other casino games, online blackjack casino games offer players sign-up bonuses, allowing them to start playing without investing real money. These bonuses have wagering requirements. For instance, if a casino has a free match deposit for $1000, you get $1000 in your account when you deposit the same amount in cash;
  • While the general rules for the game remain the same for all blackjack games, a few casinos offer better rules specifically for online players. For example, players never have to deal with a 6:5 cash-out situation when playing online;
  • In online blackjack, players interact with the software only. This makes playing the game easier;
  • You can play blackjack online for lower prices than on-site blackjack games, these online blackjack games start for as low as 50 cents.

Cons of Playing Blackjack

  • While online blackjack offers faster game rates, it also increases the average money that you lose in a single blackjack casino session. For instance, games for $5 in an on-site casino have risks as low as $250 in an hour. On the other hand, in online blackjack games, the risks are up to $1000 in an hour;
  • New online casinos offer free bonuses. However, it is difficult to meet the wagering requirements for these online blackjack casinos. Players cannot cash out their prizes without meeting these requirements, costing them a lot of money; 
  • Online blackjack for real money in Australia does not give players advantages like card counting. It is because counting cards become useless when the deck gets shuffled again;
  • Online blackjack games do not let players interact with others, which could be a drawback if you are an extrovert, and love meeting new people;
  • Lastly, online blackjack players can end up in less reliable casinos that do not let players cash out real money when they win.

Types of Online Blackjack Games

Online blackjack games are quite popular in Australia and offer various options. Following are some of the most common types you can play in online games:

Spanish 21

This kind of blackjack game allows players to surrender late and get different prizes when a player hits 21. Players can also double after a split, and re-split aces.

Live Dealer Blackjack

Live dealer blackjack works similar to normal blackjack games with a live dealer who shuffles and divides the cards amongst the players.

European Blackjack

The European blackjack uses 2 decks of cards instead of other games that use 6 or 8 deck cards making it one of the best online blackjack options. Players can double down if they have a hand of 9 through 11.

Single Deck Blackjack

Single deck blackjack is the classic game mode that uses one deck to play. However, casinos, online and on-site, made changes to the game with time.

What is a Bust?
When a player goes higher than 21 during a game, it is called a bust and means that the player lost. Players usually get double their wager back if they win.
When to “Hit” during blackjack?
The playing strategy for blackjack hits is different for various in-game modes. However, generally, players should go for a “hit” when they have less than 14 cards left. This is something you will learn with blackjack practice
What does “Stand” mean blackjack?
Stand refers to not taking any more cards during a game of blackjack, particularly when a player has a higher card total than their opponent.
What does “Double Down” mean?
Double down means doubling your original bet amount in exchange for one more card during the live blackjack or online game
Is online Blackjack in Australia rigged?
No, blackjack in Australia is not rigged because these online casinos go through regular system audits.
Are blackjack games legal in Australia?
Yes, playing blackjack online for fun, or real money is completely legal in Australia, but you should still refer to the latest laws for updates.
How to win in an online blackjack game in Australia?
While the strategy for the game is subjective, players can win by keeping a track of the betting charts. The house always wins, but you can minimize the percentage to as low as 1%
Can I play blackjack for free in Australia?
Yes, players can play blackjack online for free. All they have to do is find a casino that offers an online playing option. You can practice playing for free and then move to real money games later on.
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