Craps is among the most famous casino dice games among gamblers worldwide, including Aussie players. It is popular in both informal settings, better known as street craps, and formal settings like land-based and online casinos. Regardless of where you choose to play a craps game, you will enjoy its thrilling and immersive gameplay.
If you want to know how to play casino craps online, read on to find detailed information. In this guide, Aussie players are sure to become online craps real money experts in a short time.

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What is a craps casino game?

As mentioned earlier, craps is a popular dice gaming option that uses a massive deal of strategy and action. Players can opt to play free online craps or craps game real cash. For players to become aficionados in this game, they must first understand its layout and the location of various table personnel.

The critical table personnel in this game are the stickperson, boxperson, and dealers. The boxperson is the immediate supervisor of the game and is in charge of the entire craps table. The supervisor handles all disputes between dealers and the players while also being in charge of the chips. To the right of the boxperson is the 2nd base dealer. Players on this side of the game are on the 2nd base side, whose number two is furthest from the boxperson on the field.

Alternatively, to the left of the boxperson is the 3rd base dealer. Any player on this side is on the 3rd base side, whose number 12 (1 +2=3) is furthest from boxperson on the field. The stickperson is the dealer who moves the dice using a long-hooked stick. This personnel is usually at the middle-end of the table on each side. Players who are ‘straight out’ are at the middle-end of the table on each side. The boxperson uses the player’s position and color clothing to assign ratings.

How to play casino craps

Regardless of the rampant popularity of online craps, it is normal for Aussie players to experience confusion if they try to play it online right now. Luckily, this detailed guide will provide you with in-depth information on all the game’s basic rules. As stated earlier, craps involve tossing a pair of dice whose outcome depends on the throw score. The shooter rolls the dice, and the initial dice roll is the come-out roll.

The first dice roll dictates the continuance of the game. The following are possible come-out roll results.

  • The game ends if a player rolls an 11 or 7. Likewise, all players who placed a come-out roll bet (also referred to as a pass bet) are winners of the game;
  • If the dice roll’s value is either 2 or 3, players who placed don’t pass bets (the loss of the shooter betting on the come-out roll) win;
  • If the gambler scores 12 or lands two sixes, the game result is draw;
  • If the gambler lands a score ranging from 4 and 10, the game proceeds to the next roll. When this happens, the initial roll becomes the point number;
  •  If the player lands the same dice roll score or rolls a 7, the game is over. The same score means that players who bet on pass bets win, while a 7 means players who placed a wager on don’t pass bets emerge as winners of the game.

Regardless of whether you play at a land-based casino or the top online craps gambling site, or even street craps, the basic game rules are the same. Thus, Aussie players can enjoy their first craps game now that they understand the basic rules of the game.

Skill and strategies for online craps

Take note that the tossing of the dice in online craps depends on chance and luck. No strategy or skill will guarantee a win in this game. However, they will increase your winning odds and even grant you more playing time.

Some common online craps strategies for Aussie players include:

  • Recognize number trends and use them to your advantage. If you notice frequent winning numbers, make pass bets on them until they do not appear as frequently. This is sure to land you some wins, although not consistently;
  • Do not use the Martingale system. In this strategy, gamblers add to their bet amount after consistent losses. The primary goal is to ascertain that you maintain your bankroll after a win;
  • Play a don’t pass bet when starting to play. This strategy features a low house edge as players make the maximum odd bet when throwing a point number;
  • Avoid seven when placing bets. If you make a wager on a set of numerical and the throw does not land a seven, you are almost sure of winning.

Remember to review the craps payout chart at your preferred online craps gambling site before making any wager. In turn, it will assist you in ascertaining whether your bet is worthwhile. As a general rule of thumb, if the game odds are at their peak, the losing odds will also be pretty high. If you are a novice player to the game, we recommend playing on a craps simulator. This aids in practicing strategies and basic comprehension of the game rules.

Popular bets when playing craps online

When playing a game of craps, there are several bets Aussie gamblers can place. Take note that each of these bets has unique terms. Common bets in craps are:

  • Pass bets: This is when a player anticipates that the winning score is the first roll of the dice;
  • Don’t pass: This is when players bet that the value of the first dice roll is not the winning bet;
  • Come and Don’t Come: These are bets placed upon establishing the come-out roll value, which is the point number. They copy the bets mentioned above while also including a variety of other betting options;
  • Odd bets: There are different kinds of odd bets. But they are only possible upon the setting of a come-out roll value.

Mobile online craps

The Australian online gambling landscape is growing exponentially every day. More and more players enjoy the convenience, reliability, and flexibility of playing their favorite online games from the comfort of their homes. Mobile gambling has also taken over the world of online gambling. It is now possible to play a game of craps from any mobile device just like you would on a desktop.

If you want to play mobile craps, you have to find an online craps operator with a dedicated mobile app. Proceed to download the app to your preferred mobile device. Ensure that the software is compatible for seamless operation on your device. Upon completing the app download, you can enjoy smooth and instant play on your mobile browser.

How did craps get its name?
The name ‘craps’ originates from the French word ‘crapaud,’ meaning toad. This refers to the way players position themselves in a game of street craps.
Is online craps game legit?
Yes. Once Aussie players select a licensed operator that uses top-tier software and the latest RNG protocols, they can be sure of safe, secure, and fair gameplay
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