Roulette is a well-known game centered around the concept of probability and the trill of somehow overcoming those odds. It can be played either online or at physical casinos across the world. Simply put, the game involves a small ball being dropped into a rotating wheel. The rotating wheel has different sections, numbered differently. The player’s main goal is to guess the number the ball will stop at. Once the player places their bet on where the ball will stop, the croupier (dealer) gives the wheel a spin.

There are three primary versions of the game, each one with its particularities, i.e., European, American, and French. These days, online casino roulette websites have also come up with their versions, e.g., variations like No-Zero and Multi-Wheel roulette. Each of these variations will have some impact on the likelihood of any given particular outcome occurring

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A player’s chances for success rely on whether they bet on a particular number, the colour of the section the ball lands on, an entire range of numbers, or whether the final number is going to be even or odd. Countless Australians adore the game for the quick thrill it provides. The buzz one can get from seeing their number hit can be exhilarating which is why it is still the most popular form of entertainment at casinos throughout the country.


The game’s history goes back to 17th century France. The name “roulette” means “Little Wheel” in literal terms, owing to the game’s actual layout and mechanism. The initial layout was different from what it is nowadays. Around the time the public caught wind of the game, its wheel divisions included the numbers 1 through 36, with a single zero. The addition of the zero means that the odds will forever be in the favor of the house.

As time (and technology) progressed, online casinos also started to appear and gain traction. Because of that, aside from playing in land-based casinos, players now have the option to play roulette online as well. With time, progressive jackpot games were also added to the mix, offering more variety.

Online Roulette with Real Money

Even though people can play online roulette using real money, they still have the opportunity to try the free version first. The practice mode lets players learn the ropes before going in with their real money. It is an easy game to learn but it is ideal to know the rules of any game before you stake real money.

Free roulette online

There is no need to download any software for the free version either since you use the free version to figure out which type of roulette strategy suits you the best. Be wary of the fact that when you play online roulette for free, your collected balance does not carry over. Once you are confident with how you play the game, the sign-up and fund depositing process is quite straightforward.

Real money game

As for playing online roulette using real money goes, you can play online roulette at stake levels you are comfortable with. To find out what works best for you, it is best to assess your bankroll first.

When playing the roulette game online, it is suggested not to ever bring more than 25 percent of your deposits to the table at one time. Out of that 25 percent bankroll, limit your bets to 10 percent at maximum.

Consequently, if you have $200 in your cashier account, it is recommended to bring up to $50 percent to the table. Try to limit your bets to only $5, since you should bet 10 percent of your in-play funds per bet. This simple roulette strategy increases your chances of winning.


This is important because playing roulette with real money involves the chances of losing it. It helps to always be prepared to lose constantly because that is quite possible. If you make sure you have sufficient money at the table to last at least ten bets and supposing you win several wins throughout, your bankroll can last quite long.

Types of Roulette

You will find numerous kinds of roulette, but the primary types are European, American, and French. All three are similar to one another with minor differences to set them apart. French roulette games are played according to a set of rules known as en prison and la partage. American roulette, in contrast, has a double zero (00) on the wheel. 

The la partage, en prison, and double zero set the three types of roulettes apart, and each come with their particular roulette strategy. Learning to play one version of the game is enough for you to figure out the other versions. Following are the versions in detail:

European Roulette

This variation only comes with a single zero and uses the standard table with a 37-division wheel. The 37th division is meant to be the 0. According to all players (especially newbies), the best way to win at roulette is to choose a classic game on the European version. That is because its odds are the easiest to calculate. 

Your odds of winning in this version if you bet on one of the 37 divisions are 2.70 percent. If for instance, you place $1 on division 1 and it hits, you will receive $36 winnings. This is because the payout is determined by multiplying your placed bet by your odds of winning. You are supposed to count 36 numbers on the wheel (excluding the 0).

You can make the game as simple or as complicated as you like, e.g., you can place bets on whether the winning number is going to be even or uneven, black or red, etc. 

American Roulette 

American roulette, as we now know, comes with an added slot for 00. Because of the 00, the odds become slightly less favorable for the player. The house edge of this version of the game is 5.26 percent. This version of roulette, whether it is online roulette or land-based, is the most difficult, so if you are a beginner, you should stay away from it. In American roulette, you may lose your bet if you place an even-money bet and the ball ends up on 0 or 00. 

Players can try out multiple roulette betting strategies since it offers more combinations for thrill-seekers. American roulette is also distinguishable because the number placed on an American roulette table are placed in pairs opposite each other.

Despite the double 0’s, this version of roulette is still less complicated since the rules applied to European roulette are not present here.

French Roulette 

This version of the game may seem intimidating to newer players because of the French terminology, however, it is not rocket science, either. This version comes with a negligible house edge of 1.35 percent. 

In this version, la partage translates to “sharing”. This means that players placing an even-money bet will get half of their stake back if the ball ends up on 0. En prison replaces la partage. It means that half of the player’s bet must be left on the table (or in this case, prison) for the next bet, rather than being returned to them.

Yet another way you could single out this version is to notice how the numbers are grouped. The French table will also have French as well as English transitions at “odd” and “even” sections. 

No-Zero Roulette

This variation is available to players online and has the lowest house edge. You will find that there is no house edge whatsoever when you bet on even-money selections. This is possibly the best roulette system for individuals who are only in it for the money. 

Multi-Wheel Roulette

This online variation is a favorite among European roulette fans. This variation lets players simultaneously bet on up to 6 wheels.

Tips to Ace Online Roulette Australia Style

If you want to make the most out of your roulette gaming experience, you may need to consider some roulette betting strategies to help you win. Following are some tips that could help you improve your gaming experience no matter which version you are playing:

Get Acquainted with the Rules

Before you go in, make sure you learn the basic rules. By learning the rules, you will be able to enjoy the game and win more often (considering you know the rules and practice the right strategy). When playing roulette online, you will come across different roulette betting strategies, you can also practice multiple betting strategies. 

A lot of Australian online casinos allow users to play for free before using actual money. This is the safest way to learn the rules and strategies of roulette. Playing for free can help you become more familiar with the game. By constantly practicing, you might even figure out how to win at roulette quite more often. Do not go headfirst into playing with your actual money, because you may end up losing it.

Learn to Manage your Bankroll

Once you start playing online roulette with actual money, ensure that your bankroll is constantly maximized. What that means is you have to choose games having the right stake levels. It is also important to plan your winnings, placing your bets strategically to maximize the value of your money constantly.

Keep your bets well-balanced as it will help ensure you have a better chance of winning rewards. When you set your bankroll budget, make sure to keep that budget; do not go over the budget. If you end up losing money, take a break and try again some other time. Do not attempt to go after your losses.

Establish Limits and Follow Them

Establish a winning limit and a time limit. The winning limit will help you decide how much you wish to win before you walk away. This helps you keep tabs on how much you are playing as playing aimlessly could lead to you losing your money. The time limit will help keep you away from playing online roulette constantly and developing an unhealthy gambling habit.

Consider your Bonuses

New online casino platforms in Australia often let you play roulette for free if you deposit extra money into your account. Such bonuses are available for all kinds of players i.e., newbies and pros. You will get various types of bonuses to choose from like welcome bonuses, no deposit bonuses, match bonuses, and reloads, etc.

Before you consider a bonus, be sure to read the terms and conditions first. This way, you will know if that bonus applies to your chosen game (in this case, roulette) and not some other games.

Always Consider European Roulette

This applies best to inexperienced players and players who want to win more, rather than experiment. No matter what online casino roulette you choose, according to statistics, European roulette comes with a house edge of 2.70 percent. That increases your odds of winning. American roulette, on the other hand, is on the trickier side with a house edge of 5.26 percent.

Focus on the House Edge

Study roulette wheels and how factors like the house edge affect them. A house edge refers to the amount of advantage an online roulette platform has over a player. The lower the house edge, the better; since the player’s odds of winning go up as that percentage goes down.

Search for roulette wheels having a lower house edge (European roulette), and that could increase your chances of making extra money.

Is it completely safe to play roulette online?
Yes, it is completely safe considering the site you choose to play on is licensed and legal. Usually, online casinos use safety software to protect their users’ financial and personal information from any threats.
What numbers does the ball usually land on the most in roulette?
Since online roulette games utilize randomized number generators, every number is usually given the same chance.
Is online roulette always fixed?
Considering you chose a trustworthy site to play the game, you will not come across a rigged game. It helps to be wary of the fact that some websites exist solely to scam people.
Is it possible to play roulette for money on a mobile phone?
Yes, mobile versions of casinos are constantly growing since 2020 and are a great option for people on the go. You can play popular games on your smartphone or tablet with the tables adapted to your device screen. Bets can also be placed with a single tab.
How do I start playing roulette online in Australia?
You begin by choosing a (reputable) online casino you want to play on. After that, you create an account and if needed, download the software needed to play. Some casinos also let you play via your browser. After that, you can sign in, deposit money (if you are playing using real money), and play.
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